Date: 25 – 28 May, 2023
Time: Thursday 20.30 – Sunday 11.00
Teacher: Shivani

Kriya, Karma, and the Chakras:Each samskar constitutes a subtle vortex of energy. There are countless such vortices in the spine. . . The energy of these vortices, when released to flow upward, combines to produce a mighty river of energy before which no obstacle can stand.” – Swami Kriyananda


This retreat dedicated to the Higher Kriyas begins on Thursday afternoon, and includes Initiations in the Second Kriya and the Third and Fourth Kriyas. It concludes with a revision of the Third and Fourth Kriyas on Sunday morning.

If you have already received the Third and Fourth Kriya Initiations, this weekend will be an opportunity for you to clarify your understanding, deepen your practice, and lovingly support those who are newly entering into the higher dimensions of Kriya.

Please note: It is in the Second Initiation that the blessing and actual Initiation occurs. Therefore participating in this Initiation is required to participate in the Third and Fourth Initiation.

Price: 35 €

For New Initiates to the Third and Fourth Kriya:
Initiation in the Third and Fourth Kriyas

For those already practicing:
Retreat and Third and Fourth Kriya ceremony


Shivani Lucki, founder of the European School of Ananda Raja Yoga is one of the founding members of Ananda. She studied with Swami Kriyananda, became a yoga and meditation teacher in 1973, Ananda minister in 1982, Yogacharya in 1993 and Kriyacharya in 2005.
In 1979 she initiated yoga preparation programs at Ananda World Brotherhood Expanding Light in California, USA and has been coordinator of Ananda teachers and ministers in the United States. Since her arrival in Italy she has been responsible for creating guest classes at Ananda Assisi and training meditation teachers throughout Europe. She frequently travels around the world giving lectures and seminars on Self-realization and Kriya Yoga.
She is executive producer of the film Finding Happiness, which was released in 2014 in the United States, Europe, and India.
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