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Namasté Great Soul!

Here you will find the technical explanation on how to access the online course and some practical tips to make the most of this experience:

1 –The course consists of a total of 7 webinar meetings with the following dates:

  • 05.04.24 Friday: Orientation of the course – h20.30
  • 06.04.24 Saturday: Lecture and practice – h15.00-20.00
  • 07.04.24 Sunday: Lecture and practice – h15.00-20.00
  • 13.04.24 Saturday: Lecture and practice – h15.00-20.00
  • 14.04.24 Sunday: Lecture and practice – h15.00-20.00
  • 27.04.24 Saturday: Lecture and Presentations – h15.00-20.00
  • 28.04.24 Sunday: Presentations – h10.00-13.00(if needed)&15.00-20.00

2 – Below you will find the detailed program and all the ZOOM links

3 – Course structure and materials

  • Your study day:
    • We ask you to watch the recorded video lectures in advance and read the chapters of the handbook according to the syllabus before each online meeting.
  • Your handbook can be found under ‘Handbook‘ or under ‘Materials‘. Your handbook contains useful information as a supplement to the intensive course.

4 – If you are not familiar with Zoom, here is a link to a short and simple video with instructions on how to download and access zoom:

If you have further questions, please contact us by writing to:

5 – In the “Materials” section you will find some tips that will help you prepare for your LIVE course. In the “Course” section you will find the recordings of the LIVE meetings (sadhana and lessons).

It will be a great adventure and we are delighted to have you with us!

 We look forward to seeing you,

The Ananda Online Team

Here are some tips for the webinars:

How prepare yourself for ONLINE ENG.docx

Here are some materials:

- The Handbook is available by clicking here: Handbook How to Teach the Meditation.doc