Date: 25 – 28 May, 2023
Time: Thursday 20.30 – Sunday 11.00
Teacher: Jayadev, Mayadevi

Kriya, Karma and the Chakras: “The first Kriya helps to bring our awareness to the sushumna. With the higher Kriyas, we begin to work more deeply with the individual chakras”. – Swami Kriyananda


After receiving sacred Kriya initiation from Babaji, and the special blessing of giving it to all sincere seekers of God, Lahiri Mahasaya embarked on a journey to develop the complete Science of Kriya Yoga, based on the observation of his personal practice. He carefully recorded his observations and revelations in 18 notebooks which are kept in the ashram of his great-grandson Shibindu Lahiri in Varanase, ancient Benares.

The system he devised includes specific preparation techniques to be practiced before receiving the First Initiation, and four stages of Kriya practice. Yogananda mentions them in his Autobiography:

«Since Kriya Yoga can be the subject of several subdivisions, Lahiri Mahasaya wisely distinguished four levels, which were in his opinion the essential ones and of greater value in effective practice. He granted the three most advanced techniques only after the devotee had demonstrated that he had made certain spiritual progress.”

When Yogananda brought this science to the West, he included an intermediate initiation, which we call the Second Initiation. It helps the Kriyaban to concentrate and awaken each of the chakras before moving on to the higher initiations.

If you have already received the Second Kriya Initiation, this weekend will be an opportunity to clarify your understanding, deepen your practice and lovingly support those who are recently entering the higher dimensions of Kriya.

Price: 35 €

For New Initiates to the Second Kriya:
Second Kriya Initation

For those already practicing the Second Kriya:
Retreat and Second Kriya Ceremony


Jayadev Jaerschky has been practicing yoga and meditation for thirty-five years following the Kriya Yoga tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda through his disciple Swami Kriyananda. He has lived and taught for nearly thirty years at the Ananda center near Assisi, Italy. He has taught in many European countries and in India, Egypt, Russia and the United States. He is the director of the European Ananda Yoga School, where he and others train new yoga teachers, and is the author of thirteen books.
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Mayadevi Lauer was born in Germany, where she and her husband Helmut first met Swami Kriyananda in 1979. For many years Mayadevi has been involved with the Kriya Sangha, helping devotees prepare for Kriya initiation, then following them in the proper execution of the techniques. Mayadevi spends most of her time with correspondence and talking to devotees about their spiritual lives. Her joy and satisfaction is found in helping others deepen their understanding of kriya and practice it with ease. She speaks Italian and English fluently and is one of Ananda's Lightbearers and Kriyacharya.
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