Date: 05 – 28 April 2024
Teacher: Darshan, Arudra

This program is open to all disciples and Kriyabans who want to deepen their understanding of Meditation Techniques.


The Hong So Technique of Concentration is a practice that can be taught to anyone interested in learning a meditation technique, regardless of age, nationality or religion. For those who will follow the path of Kriya Yoga, this technique is fundamental, as its practice leads to very high states of consciousness. In this course you will deepen your understanding and value of this practice and broaden your experience of it; you will also learn how to teach it to beginning students.

During this course we will carefully analyze each stage of the meditation sequence and learn how to teach it:

  • Preparation before meditation: body, breath, spine, heart
  • Technique
  • Silent meditation
  • The “return journey”
  • Using the meditative state for healing and inner guidance
  • Sharing the blessings of meditation with others

This online course is taught exclusively in English

The course material consists of:
• a written handout that you must have read in full before the start of the course
• twenty eight recorded video with Shivani, Darshan and Bhajana
• seven webinar meetings of lessons that will be recorded and uploaded on the ANANDA ONLINE platform

Price: 275 €


Darshan Jan Lotichius has been practicing meditation since 1981. In 2000 Swami Kriyananda ordained him as a minister of Ananda Sangha, the international movement that presents Yogananda's teachings worldwide. Darshan conducts seminars in both Europe and America, and currently resides in the Ananda Assisi community, where he teaches how to integrate meditation into all areas of life: professional, artistic, social and personal.
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Arudra (Antonijo Slisko) is of Croatian origin, but has lived in Italy for many years. From a young age, his thirst for understanding and his great interest in consciousness, understood as the fundamental reality, led him to explore meditation and spirituality, searching for tools to live more and more in tune with that higher consciousness.

In 2008, at the end of his high school studies, he discovered Paramhansa Yogananda and his teachings and began his journey as a disciple. Since 2009 he has lived in Italy, in the spiritual community of Ananda near Assisi, a community founded and based on Yogananda's teachings. At Ananda, in the Yoga and Meditation Retreat, he leads classes on meditation, Superconsciousness, intuition and how to spiritualize and transform one's consciousness by sharing the principles and tools that have changed his life. In addition, Arudra serves as coordinator of Eastern European Ananda meditation groups, including as a minister and kriyacharya.
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